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Freestanding Workstations

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Freestanding workstation cranes are generally used when the ceiling is not strong enough to support the weight of the crane and the load. The crane is supported from a freestanding steelwork support structure, which is designed and fabricated to suit the requirements of the working area. The support structure usually bolts directly to the floor, but can also be partially suspended from adjacent walls, stanchions or overhanging beams.

Main Characteristics

  • Loads up to 4400lbs

  • Bridge lengths up to approximately 33 feet

  • Modular design enables extension, modification and relocation

  • Cost effective

  • Easy to install using a variety of supporting brackets

  • Large range of mounting options

  • Latching capability enables interconnection with existing or new

  • Conveyor or monorail systems

  • Telescopic cantilever crane bridges and monorails

  • Manual or electric travel

  • Floor or ceiling mounted cranes

  • Painted or electrolytic plated finish

  • Cranes available in stainless steel

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