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Nikoline Fall Arrest Systems

Our fall arrest system is a horizontal rigid track system which consists of a mobile anchorage device, allowing for a person or persons to move freely and safely in a monorail or in crane system without the need to disconnect from the system. The small number of components required ensure the easy installation of the system which should always be installed horizontally. The fall arrest system NIKO PSS 25-26-27 is to be used exclusively for the safety of hanging persons. The system does not replace personal safety harnesses (PPE personal protective equipment)


For an effective installation of a NIKO FALL ARREST SYSTEM it is necessary to specify distance between the support brackets.

The permitted number of users in the system determines the maximum allowable distance between the support points of the track.

a.) Determination of the maximum number of persons
b.) Evaluation of the structural analysis of the supporting structure for the worst case scenario. In this case, all persons that are operating on the system are cause to fall at the same time.
c.) For the first person there must be calculated 12kn dynamic load effecting the system, for each additional person + 1kn.
d.) For the maximum number of persons it is important for analysis of the rescue options.

For mounting points and mounting distances, please refer to our technical catalog.

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