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• NEMA 4 gasketed panel is standard

• Through-the-door disconnect

• Mainline contactor

• System protection

• Motor thermal overload protection

• Fwd/Rev contactors with PE VFD control

• High/Low voltage terminal strip

• 115V control



The Handling Systems motorized jib crane can be custom built to your exact specifications. Motorized jib cranes can reduce injury and create efficiency during material handling operations. Motorized jibs are used when the material that you are handling is out of reach, too heavy to push manually, or where precise positioning is needed.


Handling Systems motorization packages consist of a chain and sprocket design as standard. Chain and sprocket design offers more consistent rotation than tire drive / tractor drive units. All cranes are fabricated with a field-adjustable torque limiter, double reduction worm gear reducer in oil bath lubrication, over-sized brake, ½ or ¾ Hp ratings, and a pressure release ventilation system allowing continuous motor usage.


Motorization is available for the heavy duty freestanding, wall bracket tie rod, wall bracket cantilever, and mast type style jib cranes. Retrofit motorization kits are also available for these jib crane styles.


• Chain and Sprocket design

• VFD control is standard

• Control panel, gear box and motor are standard with NEMA 4 enclosures

• Through the door disconnect

• Field adjustable torque limiter

• Double reduction worm gear reducer in oil bath lubrication

• Over-sized brake

• ½ or ¾ HP ratings

• Pressure release ventilation system allowing for continuous motor usage


• Galvanized “C” Track flat cable festooning

• Rotational Limit Switch

• Disconnect Switch

• Free traveling pendant station

• Wireless Radio remote

• Weather proofing for outdoor use

• Template and Anchor Bolts

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