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Model 514

Motorized Gantry Cranes


Safe and efficient, our motorized gantry cranes are perfect to service a large area at a high capacity. Single and double leg gantry cranes are available in several capcaities and sizes to meet your needs without breaking the bank.



• Capacities up to 10+ ton 

Standard Span lengths up to 30+ feet

Standard Heights up to 30+ feet

Custom heights and spans available



Customizable Heights and Spans

Perfect solution when building is not suited to support jib/bridge cranes

• Economical motorized solution when high capacity and greater area coverage is required

• Great for a rented space; can be relocated in the future

• No Foundation Requirement

• Track required on ONE side only

• VFD Control comes standard

• Galvanized Flat Cable Festooning comes standard





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