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Model 314

Mast Type Jib Cranes


Designed to be floor mounted, with upper support from building truss or bracket. The model 314 provides an economical solution for 360° of rotation with no special foundation requirement thus reducing the cost of installation. Designed for low headroom applications and also available with a drop boom.



• Capacities up to 10 ton

Standard Spans/Heights up to 30+ feet

Custom heights and spans available



• 360 degree rotation is standard



• Most economical 360 degree rotation jib crane

• No Foundation Requirement

• Perfect solution for overhead crane work cell handling

• Easy rotation even on heavy loads

• Low force exertion on supporting structure

• Maximizes trolley travel

• Full & Drop cantilever available

• Motorized rotation available



• Tight Wire Kit (Festooning/”Tagline”)

• Rotation Stops

• Outdoor Application

• Motorized Rotation

• Hand Geared Rotation

• Hoist & Trolley Packages




Mast Type Jib Crane
Mast Type Jib Crane
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