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Handling Systems offers a wide variety of bridge crane and runway systems. With the expertise to engineer and design, Handling Systems is capable of manufacturing most any custom built bridge crane and runway system to accommodate a variety of applications.


Handling Systems offers both top running and under hung bridge crane and runway systems. All systems are available with manual, hand geared, or motorized bridge movement.


Bridge cranes and runways are manufactured with steel I beams or wide flange beams for increased structural rigidity and life-span. Crane end trucks are fabricated from structural steel channels or plates welded into a rigid frame. Top running wheels are forged steel. Drive wheels are tapered tread. Under running wheels are forged steel and have a crowned or flat tread for operation on standard S beam, wide flange beam, or patented track.

Freestanding Underhung Bridge Crane and Runway System
Freestanding Olympus Style Top Running Bridge Crane and Runway System


Rated loads from 1/4 to 15 ton with span/runway lengths up to 100+ feet.



Freestanding Systems

Ceiling Hung

Bridge Crane Kits Available (Convertible End Trucks)

        Under Hung

        Top Running


Underhung Bridge Crane and Runway System

The load-moving versatility of UNDERHUNG & TOP RUNNING cranes is illustrated on the right, loads can be moved from one point

to another, anywhere in the shaded rectangle. Another distinct advantage of the bridge crane system is its unique ability to transfer loads between adjacent cranes in one bay, between cranes in adjacent bays, and between buildings with ease.


Bridge Cranes can be used for most material handling applications.

Examples include:

• Receipt of raw or semi-finished materials or parts

• Storage of materials or parts

• Transportation of raw material or parts to the production areas

• Movement on the production lines

• From production lines to the loading dock

• Loading operations



Bridge Cranes can be hand pushed, hand geared, or motor driven. Motorized bridge cranes are powered and controlled in many different ways: by a pendant hanging from the hoist/trolley, wireless radio remote, or an independent traveling push button station. Hand pushed or hand chain driven cranes are best suited for handling light loads or loads that are moved infrequently. Pendant controlled cranes enable the operator to maintain a close watch on the load while it is being moved. Radio controls or independent traveling controls are used when the operator may not, or cannot, get near the load or when required to operate several cranes from a remote point.

Bridge Crane Coverage
Top Running Vs. Underhung Bridge Crane
Freestanding Bridge Crane and Runway System
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